What is an Accredited Investor?

Accredited investors are high-net-worth individuals with the means and/or experience to invest in riskier, private securities. What is an Accredited Investor? Accredited Investor Criteria How Many Accredited Investors are there? History How Big is the Private Investment Market? How Do You Become an Accredited Investor? Accredited Investor vs Qualified Client vs. Qualified Purchaser Conclusion WhatContinue reading “What is an Accredited Investor?”

Top 10 Insurance Designations

Not all insurance agents are created equal. When you choose an agent make sure to consider their professional designations. We created a Top 10 List of Insurance Agent Designations so you can make an educated decision when choosing an agent. 1. CPCU – Chartered Property Casualty UnderwriterThis is arguably the most comprehensive and respected designation in property and casualtyContinue reading “Top 10 Insurance Designations”

Occurrence vs Claims Made Policies

When it comes to reporting claims not all insurance policies are created equal. When you purchase a professional liability policy for your business it’s important to understand the difference between an Occurrence Policy and Claims Made policy because the difference can result in a claim being denied. Occurrence PolicesThis type of insurance policy provides better coverage. It coversContinue reading “Occurrence vs Claims Made Policies”

How Much House Can You Really Afford?

How much house can you afford? A mortgage calculator is a good start but make sure you don’t miss other monthly recurring expenses. Here is a simple equation to help you think about how much your house will really cost. Remember to live below your means! Mortgage Payment (Principal + Interest) +Property Taxes + InsuranceContinue reading “How Much House Can You Really Afford?”

Interest Rates 101

Don’t be intimidated by interest rates. Bankers and economists make it sound complicated but it’s really simple.An interest rate is the annual percentage you pay when you borrow money. It’s how banks, lenders and credit card companies make money. For example… If your interest rate is 5.0% and you borrow $100,000 then you pay $5,000Continue reading “Interest Rates 101”