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The All-In Podcast

Comprised of four poker-playing, wine-drinking, ball-busting besties, the All-In Podcast is the most cerebral podcast going right now.

What do you get when you put four poker buddies on a Zoom call, who also happen to be successful technology entrepreneurs and investors, and like to talk trash to each other?

The All-In Podcast

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business person or just someone who likes stimulating conversation, the All-In Podcast is the most cerebral podcast going.

Hosted by world-class angel investor Jason Calacanis, the All-In podcast is a weekly show that covers current events and topics ranging from politics to sweaters to entrepreneurship to investing in cryptocurrency.

The topics are always timely and interesting, but what carries the show is the diverging perspectives of the show’s ‘besties.’

Jason Calacanis – World-class angel investor and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He’s pretty prolific as an author, Podcaster and syndicated angel investor. He has the gift of gab and does a brilliant job playing point guard on the show.

Chamath Palihapitiya – Spent his early career helping scale Facebook’s mobile platform then transitioned his career via Social Capital to become a prominent venture capitalist and co-owner of the Golden State Warriors. He’s outspoken, well-spoken and has the balls to say what you’re thinking.

David Sacks – Was the founding COO of PayPal and then founded Yammer, which was acquired by Microsoft. His current day job is serving as founder and General Partner at Craft Ventures. David is the resident conservative, but he defends himself and his views brilliantly.

David Friedberg – Cut his teeth working at Google and later founded The Climate Corporation, which was acquired by Monsanto. He also co-founded Metromile and currently serves as Founder and CEO of The Production Board. The scientist of the bunch, David prefers to focus on topics that matter.

All of these guys are smart and successful, but they also seem like a group you would love to have a drink with.

Another compelling aspect about the show is that these guys are all still in the prime of their careers, so it’s a real-time, inside look at how some of the best technology entrepreneurs and investors view the world.

The show airs once a week at random and usually last between 60-90 minutes, so it’s a great listen during a workout or long commute.

So if you’re an inquisitive person who enjoys thought-provoking conversation, you won’t be disappointed in The All-In Podcast.

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